Alf Smith

Hi, my name is Alf Smith, and I would just like to share the story of my experience at Saturn in regards to Trailer Repair and New Trailer Fabrication.

In early November 2018 I was pulled over hauling a load of scrap iron on an older 20ft double axle trailer I had bought used. The DOT inspector commented on how badly the frame seemed to be bent and the fact it did not have a current safety certificate and needed one. He was nice, followed me to the wrecker to unload and then pulled the plates on the trailer until it received a fresh safety certificate.

After spending almost 2 months looking around and dealing with several issues and delays in getting this trailer a fresh safety certificate I thought I would give Saturn Industries in Winnipeg a call to see if they could help me. I have known of Saturn for years, as I have bought winch cable, trailer tire and rims, and many other trailer items in the past.

On arriving Monday morning I was met at front counter by an incredible young woman named Ambar. As I explained my situation and what I had been going though to get this trailer a safety certificate the look of sorrow and then anger on her face at how anyone could treat a customer like this was heartwarming.Immediately she introduced me to Paul who greeted me like an old friend and within 15 minutes I had an appointment booked for that same week to bring in the trailer for it’s safety. Unfortunately, I had twisted it’s frame so badly they couldn’t safety it, but were very helpful in repairing everything else it needed so that I can still use it as a yard trailer.

I then asked about the possibility of a new trailer and was shocked by the response as Paul immediately started to review My needs in a trailer and was beyond professional in ensuring the new trailer was built specifically for ME, not just buying a generic trailer off a lot. I was allowed to add features to suit my exact needs such as rear support jacks for loading, electric winch, etc. , the delivery time promise was kept and the end result was beyond expectations.

From first enquiry to a new trailer in my lane was less time than I had spent previously try to get my old trailer repaired before bringing it to Saturn.

During this time I took a chance and asked if it would be possible to have one of their fabricators look at my work truck as it needed some repairs and welding on the rear of the deck. Paul was more than happy to look into it, the welder was actually excited to be able to get creative, The final result was absolutely amazing.

All I can say is Thank you to everyone at Saturn for showing that the country service attitude still exists and that at some places the customer still matters.

You will be seeing more of me and anyone I can send your way.

Alf Smith

Ed & Rich Toutant

Will, Paul and everyone at Saturn,

We certainly appreciated the fantastic fabrication job you did on that replacement axle for our boat trailer. It turned out great and launches the boat 100%.

Ed & Rich Toutant

Saturn Trailers,

We much appreciate the extra effort and service we received last week. 

As background, a group of eleven of us from central Minnesota were driving through Winnipeg on Friday morning on our way to Snow Lake for a week of fishing. At about 1:30 AM, a hub on one of the boat trailers broke about 5 km south of Morris.  Sparing the details, Dr Hook Towing hauled the trailer to your shop with the hope that you could repair it.

We got to your shop before sunup, noticed the shop was closed, and started unloading the trailer in your parking lot. Midway, Paul arrived, and without hesitation asked us to unload the trailer in your backyard. A few minutes later, Kelly arrived and listened to our predicament. 

The initial assessment was that it would take four weeks to order the needed parts, which would have killed our trip and required us to make another lengthy round trip to retrieve the trailer. 

Within a few minutes, Paul and Kelly came up with a creative solution that could use on-hand parts at a reasonable cost. Sparing the details, by the end of the day, we were on our way to Snow Lake with the repaired trailer. 

When we pulled into your parking lot in the wee hours of Friday morning, we were uncertain if you had the capability or capacity to repair the trailer ... particularly for some unannounced out-of-towners.  When we left, we are impressed with the service, and ecstatic to be on our way. 

Throughout the process, both Paul and Kelly are calm, caring, and creative.  We very much appreciate their their help and attention, as well as the crew that made the actual repairs.  It's nice to receive such terrific service in a time of need. 

Thank you, 

Pat Zabinski (with Kevin Hinkemeyer)

Stewratville. MN 

Pat Zabinski