Product Warranty Statement

Saturn Trailers warrants all labour performed and materials/items installed on the below listed product, in
accordance with the contract, drawings, specifications, alterations and/or additions thereto, for a period of one (1)
year from in-service date, or item pick-up/delivery to the original purchaser. This warranty does not include normal
wear and tear, operator error, overloading, lack of preventative maintenance, damages caused by acts of God, and/or
product abuse/misuse.

This warranty will be honoured only if the product is returned to Saturn Trailers, or a facility given written authority
by Saturn Trailers. Under this warranty, Saturn Trailers or its authorized representative(s) will be provided the
opportunity to assess any defects and/or damages suspected to be the cause of Saturn Trailers workmanship and/or
defective materials installed by Saturn Trailers. If said defects and/or damages are found to be the cause of Saturn
Trailers workmanship and/or materials are found to have manufacturers defects, Saturn Trailers will at no cost to the
original purchaser, repair any workmanship defects, and/or replace any defective materials/items.

If Saturn Trailers has not been provided the opportunity to assess and/or resolve any possible warranty claims, and
repairs have been performed elsewhere without the written authority of Saturn Trailers, all warranties will become
null and void as of such occurrence.